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Packing Braid


Packing function made in dynamic conditions for rotating pumps or turning machines, and in static conditions for valves or taps, is ensured particularly by a compressed braid in a stuffing box. Joint packing is a deformable material which must prevent or control fluid passing between surfaces in relative movement, one towards the other.

Technical aspects

End use

  • Rotating and alternatives pumps, in general turning machines
  • Valves and taps

Raw materials used

  • Para-aramid
  • Para-aramid / viscose
  • Preox
  • Carbone
  • Carbone / Inconel

Fibres choice

To make these braids, Schappe offers a wide range of dry or coated yarns, depending on the conditions of utilization. Generally, the choice of components will result from the following requirements :

  • Mechanical resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Lowest friction coefficient
  • Chemical inertia
  • Lowest dilation coefficient


The fibrous structure of Schappe spun yarns is perfectly suited for these type of applications for several reasons :

  • The ability for coating the braid is improved. Water-proofing is then better and the friction between the braid and the shaft is decreased.
  • The elastic behaviour of the braid is increased which contributes to ensure a better packing.
  • The possibility to mix different types of fibres.