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General overview

A Specialist Manufacturer of high-technology technical yarns based on stretch breaking of synthetic fibres

Schappe has established itself as a recognised international player in the manufacturing of selected high-end, high-technology technical yarns and threads.

An extensive and unique offering…

Schappe’s offering stretches over a number of selected niche application fields
The Company operates either on a catalogue of off-the-shelf products or acts as a value-added developer of solutions tailored to specific client’s product requirements.
A long time stretch breaking specialist and spinner of long-fibre spun yarns, the Company is able to mix and combine a wide range of materials to produce high-end, high-tech yarns and threads.

The Company operates under the highest industry and quality standards. In the last 2 years, the product reject rate has been nil and non-conformity product return cost represented 0.1% of total sales.

… Supported by unrelenting innovation and know-how

Schappe’s expertise on stretch breaking techniques combined with constant innovation efforts has earned the Company a reputation of a responsive, innovative and nimble player in the industry.
Schappe has inherited an extensive and diversified manufacturing and tooling proprietary asset base, which has been subject to important customisation. Coupled with a strong know-how it supports the development of a unique set of products that no other organisation is able to offer. Some complex products can go through up to 15 processing operations.
The Company boasts an IP portfolio of over 4 patents.
The Company is actively involved in a number of prominent collaborative projects in conjunction with large corporates focused on sustainable and high-tech applications.